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Joyce Huddleston
Technical Writing and Editing

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The services I offer include:
  • writing for a target audience using the format and housestyle specified by the client
  • on-screen editing of technical documents to produce concise, readable English in a consistent style
  • on-screen copy-editing of scientific journals and reports
  • on-screen editing of all types of written material – books, reports, journal articles, web pages, leaflets and CD-ROMs
  • summarising documents for a technical or non-technical readership
  • preparation of abstracts and selection of index terms from a controlled vocabulary
  • designing simple web pages
My main fields of expertise are:
  • waste management
  • environmental issues
  • renewable energy
  • energy efficiency
  • environmental science
  • biochemistry
  • chemistry
  • biotechnology
  • molecular biology
  • general science/engineering
My scientific and technical background has helped me to:

Current and past clients include:
I have a First Class Honours degree in Chemistry from the University of Nottingham, with post-graduate experience in biochemistry gained by working as a research assistant at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford (1974-1983). Published papers
I began my career in technical writing and editing in 1987.
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